2021 Staff Charity Christmas Gift Card Campaign

2021 Staff Charity Christmas Gift Card Campaign

Dec 23rd 2021
08 : 47 am
2021 Staff Charity Christmas Gift Card Campaign Since 1999, our PSPB Staff Charity has donated to local charities, causes and persons in need. This year, we at PSPB are again looking to make the holiday season brighter for our pensioners.

This year, we have 125 Foster’s gift cards valued at $100 each that we are looking to donate to some of our most in need pensioners to help them during this Christmas.

Specifically, if you are a pensioner who presently receives less than $250 per month or less, stop by the PSPB front counter at the Grand Cayman office to collect a gift card from the PSPB staff. One gift card is provided per household and gift cards can only be claimed in person while our supply lasts.

To our eligible pensioners in the Sister Islands, we will contact you directly to arrange a similar offering from the Staff Charity for you this holiday season.

We wish every member of the PSPB family a blessed Christmas and hope this gesture makes the holidays better for many of our pensioners. The PSPB staff thank Foster's for their contribution to this campaign and for partnering with us on this important initiative.