The Board of Trustees

The Public Service Pensions Board (“the Board"), which was originally established in 1992, is responsible for the administration of the Fund and the payment of all pensions and other benefits in accordance with the Law. The Board is made up of up to ten people, as follows:
  • The Financial Secretary (Ex Officio Chairman);
  • The Deputy Financial Secretary (Ex Officio Deputy Chairman);
  • The Chairman of the Public Service Commission;
  • The Deputy Chief Secretary;
  • The President of the Cayman Islands Civil Service Association or his substitute;
  • The President of the Public Managers Association or his substitute;
  • A Crown Counsel appointed by the Attorney-General as legal adviser to the Board;
  • Not more than 3 members appointed by the Governor, one of whom must have substantial professional investment experience and one of whom must be a retired participant under the Plan; and
  • Managing Director.
The current Board members, as of 1 January 2019, are listed below:
  • Mr. Kenneth Jefferson, JP (Chairman)
  • Mr. Wesley Howell, MBA, JP
  • Mr. James Watler, M.ED., JP
  • Mrs. Sheree Ebanks
  • Mr. Robin Ellison
  • Mr. Orrett Connor, MBE, JP
  • Mrs. Jewel Evans Lindsey (Managing Director)