Internal Process for Handling Client Service Complaints

FOI Appeals

Please visit our Freedom Of Information section for information on complaints concerning an FOI Request

Should a client be dissatisfied with the service he/she received from the Public Service Pensions Board (the Board) he/she can seek to resolve the issue by addressing his/her complaint either orally or in written form to the Managing Director, Public Service Pensions Board, P.O. Box 912, Grand Cayman KY1-1103, CAYMAN ISLANDS. Telephone: (345) 945-8175.

Review of Complaint

  • On receipt of a complaint or a letter from a client (the complainant) expressing dissatisfaction with service received from the Board, the Office of the Managing Director will acknowledge the letter, within 3 - 5 working days. The timeframe for reporting the outcome of the review to the complainant is 5 to 10 working days after the review.
  • The date of receipt, name of client and nature of complaint should be noted within the organisation's complaints log maintained by the Managing Director's Office.
  • The Managing Director will normally pass the complaint to the Head or person in charge of the department for which this issue is relevant. An internal investigation into this matter will follow, and if necessary, the issue will be discussed with the complainant.
  • Where it is apparent that the response to the complaint will take longer than the target timeframe of 10 days, the Managing Director will inform the complainant and explain the reason for the delay in writing.
  • The complainant will always be informed of the outcome of his or her complaint. The Head or person in charge of the department for which this issue is relevant will draft a letter, for the Managing Director's approval and signature, to the client outlining the outcome of the internal investigation. If the Board is found to have not fulfilled its commitment to the client, this is acknowledged and the Board's sincerest apologies are then offered, along with any feasible/practical remedy. It follows that any procedures, processes and standards that needs to be changed to improve the delivery of client service and/or prevent future occurrences is undertaken. If the Board has met its client's commitment, this is communicated to the client and any other relevant party in as much of a cordial and professional manner as possible.
  • If the Board's position is challenged by the complainant, the Managing Director will agenda the appeal for the Board of Trustees for future determination.
  • Upon resolution, the date of resolution and any action taken should be noted in the complaints log.

NOTE: With reference to any errors in pension calculations, Section 9 of the Public Service Pensions Law (2004 Revision) states that: "The Board shall establish a procedure which enables any person to bring to the Board's attention a failure of administrative process which has prevented a pension from being paid or that has resulted in the incorrect calculation of the amount of a pension."

Complaint Form